God has a plan for your podcast

Churches and Kingdom-Business are on the cutting edge of creativity. They have a lot to say and the opportunity to reach more people than ever before. However, they often lack the resources needed to produce high-quality content. That's why we created GodWorx.

Live Webinar

 € 499,-   


Oct. 4 - 7. 2021

  • Start your own podcast
  • Create your own intros and outros
  • Design your own cover image
  • Record your own shows
  • How you can use our plugins
  • Ask questions live
  • Go online before the course if over
  • Make money while helping others

Podcast Media

 € 24,30 / Month   

€ 119 / Year

  • 10GB Protected Storage (+-500h audio)
  • Search Page included
  • Podcast Feed included
  • Embed in any of your websites
  • Attach a Youtube video to your podcast item
  • Bonus: Youtube Video Gallery

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Do it for me

 € 499   

€ 199,- once off

  • We will move your existing podcast to us
  • We will embed it for you on your website if you want
  • Either let us define it, or send us an image of your preferred layout.
  • We will adapt the colors and shapes for you
  • Customize your player
  • We can design your cover image to support your brand identity
  • We will add your podcast on all major networks and apps and help you confirm it's ownership.
  • Guaranteed to work or money back, except if you or a third party break it on your website.
  • Excludes: intro and outro
  • Only upon request

How it works


1. Sign into GodWorx


2. Setup your Podcast


3. Copy code


4. Paste into your websites

Integrate better, serve better

Embed our elements on Pages of your existing Website, and use them in the same way when your website is upgraded or changed entirely.

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Quickly find what you're looking for

Your Page with an intelligent search engine:

 € 7,51 / Month   Free Bonus

  • Automatic search text analysis
  • Extremely fast search results
  • Type your words to get automatic suggestions
  • Share on social media, email or your mobile apps
  • Group your results by sorting them
  • See your results over multiple pages
  • privacy

    Protected Storage

    Even when your website gets hacked, your data is safe with us

     € 4,90 / Month   Free Bonus

    • Secure Server Architecture
    • EU Data Protection Compliant
    • Frequent Backups
    • Responsible Data Processing

    Perfect Designs

    A Podcast that suits your style

    Add custom styles to match the design of your website or brand


    Personal Support

    We are the people who want you to win!

    Ask and we will answer you.

    Can't do it yourself? Ask one of our freelancers to do it for you.

    Is there something missing from our offer? Please let us know and we will try to add it for you.

    Your Business deserves sustainable solutions


    Continuous Support

    We constantly improve our software and guarantee it will also function in your future projects

    100x performance - 1% energy

    Our optimized Data-Structures use 1% of the resources compared to most websites.
    renewable energy

    100% renewable energy

    Our Servers are powered by 100% renewable energy
    save time

    Save time and sweat

    While your Web-Admin takes care of your website, we maintain and guarantee that our services work

    Terms and Conditions

    Simple and understandable.

    1. Demos are for your (the subscriber) testing. Free memberships are our (the provider's) gift to you. All priced services are required to be prepaid. Memberships must be paid one year in advance. When upgrading to a more expensive membership, your unused time will be allocated for a discount.
    2. If you are unsatisfied with any of our services, we promise to fix it. If for some reason it cannot be fixed, we will cancel your order free-of-charge and provide a reverse payment for all unused days of your membership.
    3. We trust that you will honor Christ, people and the laws (especially GDPR and copyright laws) with:
      • your content
      • your honesty
      • and your rights
      We (the provider) hold the right to cancel and remove your account if appropriate.
    4. When subscribing you confirm that you have read and agree with our privacy policy and these terms.
    5. We hold the right to change our terms, prices and privacy policy that will go into effect, when required by law, with your consent or when renewing/changing your membership.
    6. Resolve conflict honorably, yet legal disputes will be subject to the service provider's regional laws and courts
    7. That's it!

    Until August 31. 2021

    Our "DO IT FOR ME" offer, free of charge!

    If you decide to become a Podcast-Member before August 31th, 2021, we would love to help you by giving your our "DO IT FOR ME" offer free of charge!

    Free Registation


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