About us

My hope is that you would ...

"Make it your goal to simply be loved by God."

Because it's all about what He has done.

Henk Bosch

The Servant

Hi, I'm Henk.

I live in Mondsee, Austria and I have quality time with my family almost every day. My parents, children, wife and I are all born South African. Before I came here, the elders of my church sent me in the name of Jesus to do the work of an Evangelist. I wouldn't say I'm very good at it, but I am here, and I want to see Christ in the face of every European.

I am a peacemaker and a light for God's kingdom. I enjoy sharing Jesus and his personal words with friends and strangers. I have always wanted Austrians to experience a greater reconcilliation of the spiritual and the physical, of worship and the economy.

My wife and I started GodWorx in August 2019. Since childhood, she has been God's artist and I have been His algorithm-seeker. Today we are united to play in our work, and enjoy God on earth.

I'm not clever enough to know the answer to this question.
Sure! I joyfully submit to all people I'm in covenant with, and to every contract I agree to.
Every church and christian carries the name of Jesus. We support the faith of them all.
  1. We believe that no one can truly separate their faith from their work. Whatever we do, it originates in our belief of what is good. God's work on the cross gave humanity eternal value. God's humanity inspires our services.
  2. Our inspiration comes from Hebrews 4:10-11 of the bible. An interpretation: He gave us His perfect peace, in order that we be sensitive and honorable while advancing in life.
  3. GodWorx testifies of God's works versus oppression. He saved, delivered and protects His children from evil, lies, curse, poverty, infirmity, sin and death. He gives us love and the power to do more than what is right, in order that He can trust us.



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