About us

Our hope is that you would ...

"Make it your goal to be loved." - Jesus

Because it's all about what He has done.

Hi, I'm Henk

I am a happy father, son, husband, friend, peacemaker and encourager. I was born in South Africa and moved to Austria in in order to see God and his works (It has been glorious). I honor the generations, innovate with God, lift up believers, prophesy of God's nature and evangelize the world.

  1. We believe no one can separate their faith from their work. Whatever we humans do, it originates in our belief of what is good. God's work on the cross gave humanity eternal value, and His peace is open for everyone. The humanity of God inspires our services.
  2. Our inspiration comes from Hebrews 4:10-11 of the bible. An interpretation: He completed us in order that we be sensitive and obedient. We have peace with God while advancing in life.
  3. GodWorx testifies of God's works as opposed to human tradition. He saved, delivered and protects His children from evil, lies, curse, poverty, infirmity, sin and death. He gives us love and the power to do more than what is right, so we would become worthy of trust.
I'm not clever enough to know the answer to this question.
Henk Bosch


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