7 Reasons why every church needs a podcast page

podcast earphones

1. Your members can listen in without looking at a screen.

How much screen time is healthy for you every day? More than two hours of screen time, especially movies and video games, can limit your brain activity, and cause you to neglect your relationships. Most people have limits with these things. If it’s important for you to hear a sermon again, let it be easily accessible and reduce your needed screen time as opposed to adding to it.

2. Sermons can be delivered directly to mobile phones.

When your members are on the go, they can’t look at a screen for more than a few seconds. That leaves you just enough time open your podcast app and play a recording that is already visible on your subscriber's phone. You can post your feed to Google Podcasts, iTunes, Pocketcasts and many more. Those apps will regularly check for updates and add the list to your subscriber's phone.

3. Subscribers are notified when a new recording is available.

Your subscribers are waiting to listen to your latest recordings. Whenever your latest recording is online, your subscribers should receive a notification by their podcast app.

4. Your audio recordings are distributed over multiple apps and networks

If you distribute your content over multiple channels you gain authority and are more likely to be found. Every network requires an owner verification. Either you need to verify it yourself or you ask someone else to do it for you.

5. Create a richer experience directly on your website

If you have more visitors on your own website, search engines like google will grant your website more authority. Podcast apps limit the way you display your information. This can be to your advantage. Use your website, to create a much richer experience instead. You can add images, animations, customized players, add search capabilities and anything else technology will allow you to. And your website isn't only about listening in. It's also about everything else you have to offer. So go ahead and enrich your website with a unique page for your audio recordings.

6. Introduce comments

Another way to add value is to provide a feedback channel for your listeners. What if your listeners could send you questions or simply discuss your recordings with each other? A relational aspect increases the value of your public speaking.

7. Searchable Archive

Organize your recordings for future reference. When a visitor wants to get to know you, they want to hear your voice. If you can help your users effectively navigate the variety of your content, you've done something right that many haven't. A well defined full text search engine can give you relevant search results on a large scale. Organize, sort and search your results by useful criteria and make your archive a valuable resource.

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